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Mark S. Kamleiter, Esquire 
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Writing to us is an excellent way to forward documents that you want us to review or which we need for our files.  Unless there is a time urgency, we prefer to recieve multiple documents (over ten pages) by mail. The documents are usually clearer than faxed document and we do no over burden our equipment.  Please send us only copies of your originals.  We do not want to assume the responsibility for the safeguarding of orginal documents.

Caveat:  Sometimes people will forward documents for us to review.  While we may briefly review such documents as a courtesy, we do not by such service assume any responsibilities to act upon such documents or in representation of the sender, without express agreement to represent as documented in an executed Representation Agreement.

Faxing is appropriate for short documents of ten pages or less, particularly when time is of the essence.  The fax comes directly to our offices so a formal cover sheet is not necessary.  It is wise, however, to provide some explanation as to the significance of the documents and why they are being sent. 

Fax Number: (727) 323-2599

Email:  Please see our home page for our team e-mail addresses

Mark S. Kamleiter, Esquire:        mkamleiter@flspedlaw.com

More and more clients communicate with our office through email. Taquaisha Johnson, our paralegal, checks the email box several times a day. She responds immediately to those messages within her responsibilities, other messages are presented to Mark daily. In most instances he will ask Taquaisha to respond for him. Hard and electric copies are kept of significant client communications.

When possible we always like to seek client approval of letters and documents being sent out. If you have email we will forward drafts to you by that medium. The documents will be attached in WORD, unless you indicate that you cannot open WORD documents.