The Essential Advocate
Fall SELA Webinars 

Don't miss these Webinars designed for advocates and parents of children with disabilities.  The first four topics are described below.  These are live webinars. You will interact with Mark Kamleiter, Esquire, the instructor.  These 90 minute webinars are given during the day, and then are repeated, live, in the evening.  

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​Webinar Descriptions

Obtaining Behavior Supports  (September 28, 2014): Behavior is one of the most difficult areas for parents and advocates to deal with.  It is emotional and frightening and so often is discussed in school meetings as though the child is "bad."  The language of behavior is mysterious and the concepts and strategies are so often counter-intuitive that it is very hard to determine whether what the school is proposing is good for the child or not.  This webinar is designed to demystify behavior and behavior strategy.  Learn how to turn your child on to appropriate behavior, gently, but certainly.  Find out why Mark Kamleiter says that "behavior is one disability we can cure."  Learn about how we can change behavior through positive reinforcement and support of appropriate replacement behaviors, how we assess behaviors and better understand the root causes, and how we can create a holistic, effective behavior support plan to allow the child to manage his/her own behavior.

​Understanding and Using Educational Evaluations (October 26, 2015):  Evaluations are the center piece of educational planning.  An advocate (or parent) must understand how to read an evaluation and comprehend the meaning of the various evaluations.  I have had school psychologists or more frequently the school's "interpreter" of an evaluation, slant their interpretation of the evaluation to support a school's position on an educational issue.  Advocates must arm themselves with a firm understanding of the various evaluations and the meaning of the different scores and evaluative information.  Know how to find the "holes" in school evaluations, how to determine progress (or lack thereof), how to argue for services and accommodations based upon evaluations.

Dealing with Eligibility Issues (including RtI) (November 30, 2015):  Parents usually have to deal with eligibility only once during their child's educational career, but advocates frequently have to face eligibility issues.  The entire process can be a long and frustrating experience.  Mark will explore the best strategies for obtaining eligibility for qualified students.  We will look at how to "troubleshoot" the eligibility process and get the process moving forward.  We will examine some of the frequent "road blocks" to eligibility and how to move past them.  Learn about the rights of children who are academically strong and yet have other disabling conditions, which affect their emotions, social relations, behavior, communications, etc..  Find out how to obtain eligibility for students with "invisible disabilities (ADHD, Aspergers, Anxiety disorders, etc.)

Effective IEPs and Section 504 plans (December 14, 2015):  You probably know the basics of IEPs, but this webinar will help you grasp the special dynamics of the IEP process.  When you understand these dynamics, you will be better equipped to understand and, if necessary, how to counter school district strategies.  After this webinar you will comprehend how to turn aside frustration with the process and make the process work for the child for whom you are advocating.  Learn the pressure points where you can begin to take control of the educational planning process and cause it to serve the child, rather than the school system.  After this webinar, you will see how the "present levels of performance," goals and objectives, services, accommodations, will come together as vital parts of an effective educational program.  Learn how to make 504 Plans become meaningful in a child's education.