This page serves as the gateway to the public special education information forum of the Mark S. Kamleiter, Esquire website.  Here we provide essential information for parents and advocates of children with disabilities. This information is provided directly through our webpages and through valuable links to other websites and organizations.  We invite suggestions and contributions of important links.  

The Special Education section will have the following information:

1.  ESE Law:  This is one of the most vital parts of this website.  We are working  to place as much information on this site as we are able on this site to provde information on the way the law relates to the education of children with disabilities.  We want to make this an area where parents, advocates and other lawyers can come to either to find answers or to find links to other informative sites.  

2.  Advocacy Skills:  Most individuals who visit this site will be either parents or advocates.  This section is designed to help parents and advocates become effective advocates for children with disabilities.

3. Disabilities:  Part of advocating for children with disabilities is the need to understand the various disabilities which children face.  This section will look at the major types of disabilities and the support and informational groups/sites which provide resources.

4.  Advocacy Groups:  This section will provide information and links to some of the advocacy organizations which work for the interests of children with disabilities.

5.  Conferences:  These pages will provide information on upcoming ESE Conferences.

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The Essential Advocate
The Essential Advocate was the E-newsletter of the law firm of Mark S. Kamleiter. Each issue  had articles concerning significant special education law issues and notices of important ESE conferences and seminars. The archives are still available (see left panel)
Keep coming back to check on the launch of our newest newsletter - yet to be named -by Mark S. Kamleiter, Esq., Board Certified in Education Law, representing  parents all over the state of Florida.

Essential Advocate
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