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Student Records and Evaluations

Advocacy "Nuts and Bolts"

This notes are from a two part workshop first presented at the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates 2006 Confernce by Mark S. Kamleiter, Esq. and Gabrielle Andrews (Paralegal). The first part provides information on obtaining and using student records and educational evaluations.  The second part discusses the effective use of student records and evaluations.  Below we present the basic outlines of the workshop documents and links to related sample documents.  The full documents from these workshops may be obtained by clicking on the document icons.

Part I - Student Records and Evaluations

A. Collecting Student Records

    - Right to inspect and copy student records
    - Sample records request letter - click here

B.  Organizing Student Records

    - Types of Records
    - Physical Organization of Records
         - Topical Organization
         - Chronological Organization
         - Folders/Notebooks

C.  Reviewing Records

    - Records Checklist - A sample records checklist to be used
         in reviewing record information and placing the most essential
         information in one place.

D.  Understanding Educational Records

E.  Obtaining Additional Educational Records

F.  Protection of Records and Record Confidentiality

G.  Correcting Educational Records

H.  Enforcement of FERPA (Family Educational Records Protection Act)

Evaluations, tests, and measurements

      Legal Requirements:  Listing of relevant statutory references

A,  General Evaluation Information

B.  Evaluations, Tests, Measurements

    1.  Time frame, conditions, Accommodations, valid for purpose

    2.  Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE)

    3.  Private Evaluations: 

    4.  Revaluation