Our Mission

    Our law firm is dedicated to offering high quality, personalized legal services. To this end, we strive in all we do to never forget that the true practice of law is serving the needs of individuals with sensitivity, compassion, and skill. It is our fervent desire that our clients will feel safe, secure and comfortable in their relations with this firm. We are prepared and able to take effective legal action to obtain justice and equity for those we serve. At the same time, we are problem-solvers and very skilled in dispute resolution.
    In the realm of special education law and advocacy, we desire to be at the forefront of the struggle to protect and advance the educational rights of children with disabilities. We believe that disabilities educational rights are the next civil rights frontier. We work in the courts, state legislature and Congress to challenge the present barriers to appropriate education for children with disabilities. We are proud of the walls that we have already caused to fall, and of the educational success that so many of our clients have experienced.