Emotional Disability

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Emotional Disorder:  Children with recognized emotional disorders are qualified for special education services.  An student with an emotion disorder should have one or more of the following conditions (34 C.F.R. § 300.7 (c)(4)):

- Inability to build interpersonal relationships (peers and teachers)
- Inappropriate types of behavior or feelings under normal circumstances
- Pervasive mood of unhappiness/depression
- Tendency to develop physical symptoms, fears, associated with school  

In addition, the conditions must be chronic in that they:

- Exist over a long period, 
- To a marked degree, and
- Adversely affects educational performance

The law insists that the inappropriate behavior manifested by the student now be what the laws describes as social maladjustment or simple bad behavior alone.  Sometimes schools will resist the classification of a child as emotionally disordered on the grounds that the student is simply acting out or misbehaving and that there is no true emotional disorder involved.   For this reason it is important to firmly establish the psychological basis of the disorder.

Emotional Disorder does not mean a special class.

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