**Recent Due Process Cases**

C.J. v. MCSB - Tried by Mark Kamleiter - Marion County case where the district tried to force a deaf child out of his hard of hearing/deaf class and into an autistic class, after the child was discovered to be also autistic.  Held - that the child should be returned to his Hard of Hearing/Deaf class, with appropriate autistic and behavioral supports.

B.E. v. MCSB - Tried by Mark Kamleiter - Another Marion County case where the district failed to provided an appropriate educational placement for a young lady with autism.  The student is capable of learning and progressing on grade level, but requires a small, appropriately supported learning environment.  Held - The district must either pay for the private learning environment the parents had set up for the student, or provide an appropriate learning environment.

L.H. v. Manatee County - Tried by Mark Kamleiter - This Manatee County case arose when the district refused to allow the child's neuropsychologist to conduct school observations as part of her private evaluation.  Allow this matter was tried in one day it contains rather complex issues.  Held - that the district must allow the psychologist to conduct an observation for up to two hours (amount requested).

Special Education Law

As this section develops it will become a resource site for parents and advocates seeking information on ESE Law.  The foundational documents provide the structure and basic outline for a study of the relevant law.  Throughout the texts links are provided, which provide more indepth information, other resources, and practice tips.  In addition to the development of the particular webpage, the document is provided in a WORD document, which can be accessed by clicking on the document icon at the top of the article.  Since the articles will be updated from time to time, the date of the last update is shown at the top of the article.

So far the following areas have been developed:

IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Section 504 - Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Recent Due Process cases - This page will provide decisions from some of the successful due process cases tried by this law firm, as well as other important due process and federal cases important to special education law.

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Section 504
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History of Special Education Law:  This is a short clip (three minutes) laying out the history of special education law, produced by LearningRXcom.  It is a worthwhile introduction to the history of special education law.  Link to Clip