Advocacy Skills

These pages of the our website are dedicated to helping parents and advocates develop the skills they need in order to more effectively advocate for our children with disabilities. 

By using the tabs above one may access information on the following areas of information for the advocate:

Role / Ethics:  This area explores the world of educational advocacy, looking at the various types of advocates, advocate competencies, advocacy roles, and finally, the philosophy and ethics of advocacy.

Toolbox:  This area strives to provide resources and practical guidance in the work of educational advocacy.  We hope that it will provide help pointers, suggestions and sample letters and documents.

Strategic Planning:   Good education requires careful planning strategies.  Good advocacy is every bit as dependent upon thoughtful, experienced planning and implementation.  This area discusses advocacy planning and working in collaboration with parents

Unlicensed Practice of Law (UPL) There is an increasing danger that school districts may attempt to counter successful advocacy efforts by bringing charges of the unlicensed practice of law.  It is vital that we not allow school districts to intimidate or weaken our efforts.  An advocate who understands the legal limits of permitted advocacy and takes some simple precautions, should be able to pursue effective advocacy without fear.  This section will provide some practical information and advice, which will help protect each person’s advocacy.

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