Tammy Mullon,
Educational Advocate
Tammy Mullon is a civil rights advocate for children. Her goal is to support each student, through the spirit and letter of the law, and to enforce their right to a successful education, so that each student becomes as independent, self-sufficient, self-advocating as possible. Her focus is on effective, meaningful special education programming that is designed to ensure students will be able to lead productive and independent adult lives.

Tammy is a native Floridian, born and raised in Brevard County, FL. Upon graduation from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Tammy was employed by Merrill Lynch as a Financial Consultant. She then worked as a Vice-President, Investment Banking Manager for SunTrust Bank south Florida. After having twins, Tammy took a break from the workforce to focus on spending time with her three children and to support a family owned business.

Upon moving back to Brevard County in 2009, Tammy found her passion and focus on special education law and advocacy. She attended webinars and training retreats that centered on IDEA and the IEP process. She completed the requirements necessary to become a Volunteer IEP Support Parent with the Central Florida Parent Center. She participated in The Twigs Program, an eight month intensive training program for advocacy certification. She also completed the Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Training Series.

For the past two years, Tammy has participated in the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia’s Know Your Child’s Rights training series focused on special education rights and services. She has also completed the Special Education Law & Advocacy Workshop developed by Florida Developmental Disabilities Council and Disability Rights Florida. Overall, she has accomplished more than 500 hours of webinar training and workshops hosted by professionals focused on assimilation of information and advocacy for children.

Tammy is a member of the Counsel of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA), a national peer-to-peer network dedicated to protecting and enforcing legal and civil rights of students with disabilities and their families. For the past three years, Tammy has participated in COPAA’s Legal Issues Webinar Series, she actively follows the member Listserv and participates in weekly study groups.

Tammy has recently completed COPAA’s Special Education Advocacy Training (SEAT), the only nationally developed and recognized year-long course that provides participants with training to become a special education advocate. Completion of the SEAT program includes a three month student practicum with a supervising attorney.

Tammy is one of our firm’s Central Florida advocates (Orlando and all surrounding counties including Space & Treasure Coast.