Diane Cardin-Kamleiter
General Office Manager and Accounting Executive
Diane (pronounced like Dee Anne - the French pronunciation) is an essential team member and leader, even though most of her work may be done behind the scenes. She is employed with Special Education Law and Advocacy as General Office Manager and Accounting Executive. In short, it is Diane's responsibility to keep the firm running smoothly and, most importantly, on a solid financial basis. In addition to providing oversight for the office, Diane is responsible for managing client accounts, accounts payable and invoicing. Diane also, with Mark, reviews and manages office policy and employee relations. She is well suited for these responsibilities in as much as she is a former Chartered Accountant (Canadian equivalent to a CPA). 

Diane is French Canadian, born not far from Montreal. She graduated from Sherbrooke University in Quebec and she has worked as a financial accountant and as an inspector of professional accountants. At one point she returned to school to study communication & media arts (journalism, film, sound, photography) at the Université du Québec à Montreal. More recently she has taught accounting, auditing and business management on the university level at Inaghei (Faculty of the State University of Haiti) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She has worked with Mark from the beginning of his Florida law practice, helping him establish the law firm and then to gradually take it statewide. Without question, it is Diane's patient and often thankless work which has allowed Mark to do the work he does today.

Beyond the legal support work done at Special Education Law and Advocacy, Diane has built a reputation as an activist leader in the Tampa Bay community. She has worked with Women in Black (A feminist peace group), helping to found a group in this region. She has worked in political party organization, including helping to arrange activities for Ralph Nader's presidential campaigns. Diane is known for her core feminism and strength, laced with her sharp sense of humor.

Diane may be reached at (727) 822-1543, or by emailing dckamleiter@cs.com. She will gladly discuss any account questions that you may have.